Afghan women on the move

About us

Who We Are

The team at Afghan Women on the Move have been working with the local, national and international platforms to create programs that engage the women in the community, to ensure that the voice of women are represented in the world.

Afghan Women on the Move is a local non-for-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia, which supports the development of  women socially, emotionally and culturally.
The aim of the platform is to break isolation and empower women through gathering in safe spaces, story telling and sharing through creative cultural events and art programs.

What We Do

      Our support and resources include

      • Educational courses
      • Visual art classes ( Drama, digital story-telling)
      • Exhibitions
      • Vocational training  
      • Mentoring
      • Cultural events and activities
      • Networking opportunities

      Whom We Help

      We help woman of all walks of life.

      Our goal is to support woman by empowering them with the tools and resources they need. In particular, we focus on:

      We make sure that all women feel valued, and their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met.

      We inform women on their rights in Australia by endorsing equal rights and the opportunity to participate in all aspects of community life and decision making.

      We seek and create opportunities for participation in local communities, by training to enable women to access to workforce by engaging and partnering with employment agencies.

      Our partners

      Our vision

      Our vision is to be an organisation based on exclusivity, diversity and centred on the participation of women from multicultural backgrounds in the wider Sydney community. We are a place you can visit to ask advice, feel safe and supported, a place that will understand your challenges and help you connect with other people.

      Our mission

      Afghan Women on the Move (AWOTM) aim is to represent and advocate for the interests and concerns of women from multicultural backgrounds in Sydney.