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Daneha in Blacktown: Story of Art & Culture of Afghans in Australia ART Daneha FROM A TINY SEED GREAT THINGS GROW

Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of I. R. of Afghanistan in Canberra, Mr Ateeq Zaki, participated in the inaugural event of Daneha (Seeds) in Blacktown Arts Center, Sydney on 5th July 2018. The mayor of Blacktown City and State Member for Blacktown, Councilor Stephen Bali and Councilor Cathy Collins were among the guests in addition to a significant number of Afghan diaspora.

Minister Counsellor Zaki stated that Daneha was an opportunity for the Afghan migrants and diaspora in Australia to showcase their potentials despite experiencing hardship as refugees. He added that Daneha was the story of hard work, resilience and dedication of Afghans migrants in Australia and other parts of the world. It demonstrates their journey from survival to success. Minister Counsellor Zaki congratulated all the artists and stakeholders and stressed on the need of such programs that could show the art and great values of Afghanistan. He hoped that all Afghans have the opportunity to return to Afghanistan and serve their country and people. Mr. Zaki also reiterated that the Embassy of I. R. of Afghanistan in Canberra would be looking forward to working with all communities, organizations and artists to support and promote Afghan Arts. 
The organizers of Daneha thanked Mr Zaki for his presence during the inauguration and appreciated Embassy’s support to the Afghan community. 

The Afghan community has expressed its willingness to have joint initiatives with the Embassy of I.R. of Afghanistan for the promotion of Afghan arts and culture.