Afghan women on the move


Women of Diversity Dinner on Saturday July 6th! Are you excited to meet some sisters?

Hope and Lida are two proud Afghan women from Afghan Women on the Move. This is what the Women of Diversity Dinner means to them. 

Hope: In my perspective, the dinner represents multiculturalism, uniting together and supporting one another. But it also provides an opportunity to network, break barriers, discuss any ideas that arise regarding women, and how we can address these issues together, while also enjoying each others company and food and dancing as well. 

Lida: I went to the dinner last year, and it was beautiful— very, very inclusive, diverse. You could see Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, all together under one roof. We were dancing! We were singing, and we were eating, we were celebrating inclusiveness and harmony. And that was brilliant, and I believe we have to have this, especially in today’s era. We are all the same. Yes, we are different by features, maybe colours are different, languages are different, but in the end we are human beings. We are the same. And that was a fantastic experience.